Dirty Young Loose (2020)

  • Drama, Short
  • 32min

“A hotel-room late at night: a young man is carried from the room unconscious on a stretcher. A woman and a man remain in the room where all three of them obviously had spent some time together. Only then, when the ambulance attendants have left with the young man, do the other two realize that there is a hidden camera in the room and what happened has been recorded. Was it an accident? A love triangle? A drunken brawl or just something completely different? Oneafter the other, the three people involved are questioned separately by two interrogators whom we hear but never see. During each interview, we observe the scene captured by the hidden camera as they attempt to respond to questions posed. Who are they? Why did they end up together? Was it something illegal? Something perverse? Who is the manipulator? The victim? Who are theinterrogators? And what right do they have to demand answers?”


Lene Berg