Helgi á Prikinu (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 23min

The cafe “Prikið” downtown Reykjavik has a long and colorful history. Today, a café is run there during the day, but a nightclub on weekends. Prikið (the stick) is the cradle of Icelandic hip hop culture and there artists get to enjoy themselves whether they prefer music, visual art or anything else. The stick has a good regular age group, but there is one city central character and regular guest who always stands out from the group. It is the sweet Helgi Hafnar, who visits Prikið daily with a smile on his face. Everyone likea to embrace him because he has an exceptionally loving presence. He seems to thrive well on routine, always settles in the same place (which he has done for decades), always gets the same cup, and with a smile on his face, he talks to young and old, tourists, philosophers etc. The town center and Prikið would not be as interesting without Helgi who spices up life and has great knowledge of the history of one of Reykjavik’s first coffee houses.